I created some templates for Jamboard that would allow students to practice handwriting if they have an iPad or a touchscreen chromebook or touchscreen PC. These templates are free.

Kindergarten Handwriting Template

This template is 1 inch lines with a half inch dotted line in the middle. The template has 20 frames that students can use to practice individually or collaboratively.

Handwriting Lines Template

This is the same template, however the lines are grey instead of blue and pink.

Name on Handwriting Jam

This Jamboard Jam template has 20 pages of lines to practice writing however, the first frame has a spot for their name.

Half Inch Lines

This Jamboard Jam template has 20 frames of half inch lines for students to practice lined handwriting on.

Storyboard Jam for Handwriting

This template has 20 frames of mostly blank space for students to draw a picture to go along with their story. A line for handwriting their story is provided.

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