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High Five – FigJam Whiteboard Tool

High Five in FigJam is going to be your new favorite way to collaborate. FigJam is a FREE digital whiteboarding tool
High Five in FigJam
High Five – FigJam Whiteboard Tool

High on my lesson design list is collaboration. FigJam is designed for collaboration. It has many fun elements built in that make it easy to engage students. The first step in getting started with FigJam is to go to figjam.new and signing in with your Google Account. Easy. The next step is to find someone to collaborate with, because that is where the fun begins!! High Five in FigJam is just what you needed to brighten your day.

FigJam is FREE for Educators… 100%

Whiteboard Tool

Digital collaboration is an essential tool these days. After working with someone you need a record of what you worked on. If you are teaching it is likely your students have devices and can engage in digital collaboration. FigJam is the perfect tool.

A whiteboarding tool obviously allows you to use the tool as a whiteboard. Get started with the open canvas and the pencil tool at the bottom.

Screenshot of FigJam whiteboard. Open canvas with suggested templates overlay. Toolbar at the bottom with pencil icon to start drawing.

High Five in FigJam – Hold Down the H Key

Share your FigJam. Just like in a Google Doc there is a Share button in the upper right. Copy the link and share to allow multiple people on the same FigJam canvas.

Now here is where it gets fun. Hold down the H key. This turns your cursor into a hand that waves. When two hands get close to each other….

Holding down the H key and getting in proximity of another person who is also holding down the H key will result in a high five in FigJam.

Gif of screenshot in FigJam of two hands as cursors on the open canvas where hi is handwritten. When the hands get close to each other there is a high five in FigJam.

Have Fun with High Five

FigJam is sure to be one of your new favorite tools. So get in there. HIGH FIVE!!

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