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aww web whiteboard google classroom

Google Classroom + Aww Web Whiteboard

The collaborative whiteboard space Aww now has Google Classroom integration. This will allow your students to collaborate on a drawing space that works on any device. You can use Aww without an account, which is nice, but there are some advantages to having an account, including using Google Classroom. awwapp

Google Classroom

After making an account I checked “Enable Google Classroom Integration.”
aww whiteboard enable google classroom

Aww Web Whiteboard

Bookmark this website: awwapp.com

Start by going to the website. Click on the little people icon in the sidebar to share the drawing space. This will allow you to create a new assignment and post the whiteboard space to the class.
aww app share to classroom

Note, this is ONE whiteboard for the WHOLE class. You can NOT assign individual whiteboards to students. 

More Integration

Aww Web Whiteboard is going to add more Google Classroom integration. Feel free to tweet @awwapp to give them some suggestions 🙂

Student Whiteboards

This is a bit of a hack, but not awful. For students to have their own whiteboard space and submit it follow these steps:

  • Create a new Google Classroom assignment
  • Click on the link icon
  • Type in http://awwapp.com
  • Instruct students in the description to click on the awwapp link and to click on the people share icon and submit the link to their board to Google Classroom.
    add assignment to Google Classroom for awwapp.com


I am all about COLLABORATION! Happily so is Aww Web Whiteboard. Students do not need your help to use this tool. When students feel this tool will enhance their group work, they can create one. They can just go to awwapp.com and create a whiteboard to collaborate with their group on. Each group member can copy the share link and submit to Google Classroom.

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