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Alexes Terry of Twisted Teaching shares in this YouTube video how to create custom backgrounds using Canva.

Presentation Template

Use the Presentation Template that is 1920 by 1080 pixels. This gives you the right dimensions for the Jamboard background.


Do you love using Jamboard with your students but tired of the boring backgrounds? Are you looking to add so spice to your Google Slides? In this video, Alexes Terry from @TwistedTeaching shows you have you can design fun and engaging backgrounds in Canva and transform your Jamboards and Google Slides presentations! As a bonus, Alexes also introduces her new What’s Happening JamBoard template designed to push students’ critical thinking skills and get them excited about connecting your content to their communities by telling you…What’s Happening! If you are enjoying the content created by TwistED Teaching, I invite you to become a TwistED Teaching Premium Member Today. You can access the What’s Happening Jambord template and tons of other culturally responsive and ready-to-go resources TODAY!

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