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Jamboard is another awesome COLLABORATION tool from Google. All of the Jams (Jamboard files) live in Google Drive. Try creating a fresh Jam by going to jam.new

1) Up to 20 Frames

Jamboard has multiple “pages.” The pages are called frames. Look at the top center of your Jam to find a rectangle that shows what frame you are out of all of the frames. The default is 1/1. Click on the Frame Bar icon to see a thumbnail of all the frames and to add additional frames.

There is a 20 frame maximum!

2) Drive Reads Sticky Notes

All Jams save to Google Drive. If you have added textboxes or Sticky Notes to the Jam you can search Google Drive for keywords and your Jams will show up. Notice in the screenshot below I searched for cat. Two Jam’s came up, neither had the word cat in the title. After your brainstorm session, if you forgot to rename the Jam, or if you forgot what Jam you used, simply search Google Drive for a word you typed in the Jam to still be able to find it.

Untitled Jams still save to Google Drive

3) Items Have Layers

The order you add items to the frame is the layer the item will appear on. Use the 3 dots menu in the upper right of any object to change the order of the item.

Try the keyboard shortcut Control Shift Up arrow or Control Shift Down arrow to quickly pull an item to the front or back layer.

4) Pen is ALWAYS on the Top Layer

Pictures, Shapes, Text boxes, and Sticky Notes all have layers. The pen strokes in a Google Jamboard Jam are ALWAYS on the top layer. Notice there is no 3 dots menu for the pen strokes like there are on other Jam items.

After scribbling over 2 Sticky Notes and using Control Shift Up arrow on each note, notice the green scribble is always on top.

You can NOT move or drag pen strokes on the Jam.

5) Paste Images

Unlike Google Slides you can NOT drag images onto a Google Jamboard Jam. You need to click on the image icon in the side toolbar to drag the images into the upload box. However, you can copy and paste onto the Jam frame. When using a Chromebook and taking a screenshot, if you are quick, you can select “Copy to clipboard” and then Paste using Control V right onto the Jam frame. If you use the Bitmoji Chrome Extension you can right click and choose “Copy Image.” Use Control V to paste the Bitmoji on the frame.

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