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Using the New Google Forms – A workflow

Using the New Google Forms – A workflow

Google Forms has made many updates over the years. This post from 2013 is mostly outdated. Check out some of my other posts on Google Forms!


There are many things I am excited about in relation to the new Google Forms.  However, it has added a layer of complexity by making the spreadsheet of data separate from the form itself.

I just created a sample Form in my delete folder*, but the response destination spreadsheet was created in My Drive.  So the form and the connected spreadsheet do not live in the same folder.
*My delete folder is just a folder I created so that I can make sample documents when I do trainings or presentations.

First when you make a Google Form you will want to choose a response destination which is an option in the grey bar right above the Google Form.

I have marked the check box to always create a new Spreadsheet so that I will not have to choose a response destination each time I create a Google Form.

What gets confusing is you are looking at the spreadsheet but want to view the form.  However, since you are logged in you see the editing view of the form and not the live view.  So you will want to be familiar with how to jump from one to the other.

In the form edit view there is a button to view responses and a button to view the live form.  Clicking view responses allows you to jump to the spreadsheet.

Once you are in the spreadsheet, click on the file folder next to the spreadsheet title so you can file the spreadsheet in the same folder as your Google Form.

In the spreadsheet view there is a Form menu next to the Help menu.  The Form menu allows you to jump to the live form or to edit the form.

My workflow is then to open either the form or the spreadsheet, no sense in digging around Google Drive to find the view I am looking for and then to use the navigation within there to get to the view that I am desiring.

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      1. Thank you for replying I found a good mailmerge app in eMule. This looks like it will be very helpful. I will have to read up on how we can reuse the same form for peer assessment. Thanks again.

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