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YouTube Live: Bookmark It

bookmark youtube live
YouTube Live: Bookmark It

bookmark youtube live

Google Hangouts on Air is being moved to YouTube Live

YouTube live allows you to live broadcast to YouTube and have the recording automatically save to YouTube. I really like the features of YouTube live. There is an integrated chat for those watching the video stream that is really nice. It also seems I am able to have more people participate live, which is great.

Hard to Find

Hangouts on Air was a favorite tool of mine, I’m disappointed to see it buried into the back interface of YouTube. The direct link has underscores so that makes it more challenging to get there directly. I recommend you click on the link below and bookmark the page. If you are using Google Chrome, have it on the bookmarks bar with easy access.


The Long Way

  • Go to youtube.com
  • Click on your profile icon in the upper right.
  • Click “Creator studio.”
  • Click on “Live streaming.”
  • Click on “Events.”

New Live Event

Whether you get there the long way or through the bookmark, click on “New live event” in the upper right-hand corner to schedule a video broadcast.

  1. Title the event you’re going to broadcast.
  2.  Schedule the time you will be doing the live event.
  3. Create a description
  4. Determine if the YouTube video will be public or unlisted. (Do not do private).
  5. Choose the Quick (using Google Hangouts on Air) option.

new live event

Creating the event adds it to the events page (see link above). Click on the title of the event in the events list to view the events page. Share the link to the events page with people who will be watching the live broadcast. This is also the same link to watch the video archive. Notice that a chat box on the right is automatically created.

event page

Broadcast Time

Just before the broadcast time, return to the YouTube live page and click on the “Start Hangout on Air” button. You will need to manually click the “Start Broadcast” button to start the recording. The link at the top of the Google Hangout on Air can be shared to allow people to live participate and interact rather than just watch from the event page. Note that the video stream does have a lag.

start google hangout


2 thoughts on “YouTube Live: Bookmark It

  1. I miss hangouts on air! I can’t broadcast YouTube live from my Chromebook. Encoder software (PC or Mac) or iOS / Android app (phone or tablet) is needed. From the Android app (YT Gaming), using camera app all camera controls clutter the screen!

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