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Your Google Classroom Weekly Update

Receive a weekly report of how your students are engaging with Google Classroom
Your Google Classroom Weekly Update

This morning I checked my Gmail to find “Your Google Classroom Weekly Update by Schoolytics.” While it is summer and the statistics will rightfully show me that I have no student engagement this last week, I am happy to get a weekly report that helps me to understand what is and is not working in my class.

Schoolytics is FREE for teachers

Note: I am teaching high school math part time and part time coding features for Schoolytics.

Set Your Reminders

I get my weekly update on Monday mornings at 6:30am. This helps me to see how my students did last week and what I might want to adjust this week. This gives me a quick snapshot of work that is completed and a reminder if I am behind on providing feedback to students. Click on “Full Dashboard” to see the breakdown of how your classes and students are doing.

However, you can choose when and how often to receive your weekly report.

3 Lines Menu

After going to the full dashboard at schoolytics.com use the 3 lines menu in the upper left to choose “Notifications.”

Weekly Digest and Disengaged Students

Currently there are 2 reports that can be sent to you each week. Classroom Digest is on by default. You can toggle this off if you do not want weekly reminders. Enable Disengaged Students to reflect each week on which students you may want to focus on.

Change the Day and Time

Select a different delivery day and/or change how often you receive the notifications. Want them more than once a week? Or perhaps only once a month? Select how often the report is sent to you and update.

Reports Anytime

The weekly notifications are really helpful to me to know which students I need to encourage and how well students are interacting with my assignments. However, I can to go to schoolytics.io anytime and find reports and details on my class and students.

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