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EASIER – Reuse Google Classroom Assignments

EASIER to reuse Google Classroom assignments by using the Schoolytics Content Library.
EASIER – Reuse Google Classroom Assignments
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Reusing assignments in Google Classroom is a time saver, why recreate the wheel?! However, it can be a bit of a struggle when wanting to reuse assignments from last school year. Schoolytics.com is making it easier.

Back to Classroom

Join the Facebook group Back to Classroom (backtoclassroom.org) for tips on using Google Classroom and tools that work with Google Classroom.

Schoolytics Has Updated

Note: Since this was originally posted Schoolytics has renamed the Library to “Workspace.” There no longer is a 3 lines menu, but rather simple icons on the left rail. Go to “Assignment History” to find your Google Classroom assignments to reuse.

reuse google classroom by going to workspace on the left side of Schoolytics

Sync Your Google Classroom Classes

At schoolytics.com use the 3 lines menu to select “Classes.” This will allow you to, for free, select up to 10 Google Classroom classes to sync. You will want to sync your archived class from last year.

Schoolytics courses manage classrooms

Notice the “Hide” toggle. This is handy for when you want to only show a subset of your classes while you are creating reports. Come back to “Classes” often to adjust what is shown on the Schoolytics dashboard.

Content Library

The Schoolytics content library allows you to reuse assignments from Google Classroom.

  • Search for assignments to reuse
  • Select multiple classes at a time to reuse from.
  • View the full assignment description before reusing
  • Review the assignment attachments before reusing
  • Modify the assignment title (and number) before reusing.
  • Posts as Draft to any class, synced or not.
  • Reuse another assignment quickly without scrolling.
  • Filter assignments by assignment hashtag.


Use the search bar at the top of the Schoolytics content library to filter your Google Classroom assignments. Scrolling through ALL of last years assignments to find that one assignment about ____ is tough. Searching makes it easier.

Full Description

Unlike in Google Classroom you can review the full Google Classroom assignment description. This helps you to know that you are selecting the correct assignment that you want to reuse.


Attachments are visible in the Schoolytics Content Library. They are also clickable. Click on the attachment icon to open it in a new tab. Update the resources as needed.

Add to Classroom

Use the Add to Classroom button on the assignment tile in the Content Library to easily add to any of your Google Classroom classes as a draft.

Posting as a draft allows you to modify the assignment in Google Classroom as desired. Schedule the assignment, post it to multiple classes, set the number of points, choose the grading category, etc…


Note that the Google Classroom API does not allow me to code the rubrics or grading categories. You will have to manually add those to your assignments in Google Classroom. Try my spreadsheet templates for creating rubrics in Google Sheets. Save all your rubrics to a folder in Google Drive. Add rubrics from Google Sheets spreadsheets instead of reusing from assignments.

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