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Google Classroom: Give Parents a List of Assignments

Share with parents or guardians a list of assignments from Google Classroom. Alice Keeler creates unique solutions for Google Classroom users. Google Classroom List of Assignments
Google Classroom: Give Parents a List of Assignments
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Google Classroom is designed for students to find their work. There is no ability to give parents the ability to see the Classwork page other than the student showing it to them. If you would like to communicate with parents the list of assignments I have coded a way to extract the assignments list from Classroom.

Schoolytics Update

Since coding this Add-on (see below) I have taken on a part-time position at Schoolytics as a developer. I have integrated several of the features of Reuse GC into the Schoolytics platform. Click here to log into your FREE teacher account.

AliceKeeler Add-on

I have coded this Add-on, you will need to make a copy of the spreadsheet template and authorize the Add-on.

List Classes

Give the code about a minute to load in the spreadsheet template. Go to the Add-on menu and at the bottom will be “Reuse GC.” Show the sidebar and choose “Set up.” The first thing you need to do with the template is

Click “Import Classes” in the sidebar. It may seem like nothing is happening, be patient do not click it twice. Once the list of classes populates checkbox the current class and choose “Set Class.”

Google Classroom List of Assignments

You are wanting to get a list of the current class assignments. Click on “Get Assignments” in the sidebar.

Checkbox Current Class Again

Reuse GC allows you to list assignments from a previous class and reuse them. However, you can list the assignments from the current class as well. Checkbox the current class and in the sidebar click “List Assignments.”

This will generate a list of all of the assignments for the checked class. Note that materials are not able to be coded using Google Apps Script. These will not be listed in the list of assignments.

Format the Spreadsheet

If you want to provide a list of the assignments to parents you can copy and paste off of the spreadsheet or simply provide them the spreadsheet. Suggestion to delete some of the columns and turn on word wrapping.

Export the Spreadsheet

On the tab of the spreadsheet is a tiny triangle when you hover. Click on this tab and choose to “Copy to” “New Spreadsheet.” This will give you a spreadsheet with the list of the assignments that you can share with parents.

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