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Start Grading – Faster in Google Classroom

Google Classroom teachers, grade faster! See all your submitted assignments in one place. Filter and sort to increase your efficiency. Grade Faster in Google Classroom
Start Grading – Faster in Google Classroom

One of my favorite features of schoolytics.com is the ability to start grading my Google Classroom assignments. This keeps me from falling into a pit of being behind on grading.

tile from schoolytics.com to Start Grading - Faster in Google Classroom. Shows the number of assignments to grade as well as the percentage of assignments already graded.

Schoolytics Free for Teachers

If you are a Google Classroom user please sign in for free to Schoolytics. You simply sign in with your Google account and sync your Google Classroom classes.

Start Grading Tile

On the home screen of Schoolytics is an option to “Start grading.” Click on this to view a list of assignments that have been submitted by students.

Percent of Assignments Graded

The percentage of assignments graded is the most motivating. I try to always keep it at 87% or better. When I check Schoolytics each morning and I see the percent dip down it motivates me to catch up and keep on top of student feedback. It is very satisfying.

All Classes

One thing that contributes to me saving hours is that Schoolytics defaults to “All classes.” I can select a single class or a subset of classes.

Sort by Turned In At

The table of assignments that are submitted can be sorted. Click on any column header to sort by that column. I sort by “Turned In At.” I want the most recently turned in assignments to be at the top. While I take a LIFO (last in, first out) approach to grading, you may want a FIFO (first in, first out) approach. Clicking on the column header the first time sorts A to Z (FIFO) and clicking on it again sorts it Z to A (LIFO).

Table of assignments that are turned in. Arrow pointing to Turned In At column.

The assignment titles link to Google Classroom. I click on them and the assignment opens in a new tab. Unlike on the Google Classroom “To Review” page, I do not lose my place. I can seamlessly review work from 1st period and 7th period “at the same time.”

Notice the Filters

At the top of any schoolytics.com page is the ability to filter the table. You can filter by date range, by group, or by class.

Schoolytics filter of period of time, date range, groups, classes, assignment status, and assignment tag.

Grade Faster in Google Classroom

Complimenting the features in Google Classroom with a free Schoolytics account will help you to spend more time working with students and less time chasing down assignments.

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