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Google Sheets: Sort a Range

sort range google sheets

Sort SOME of the Spreadsheet

I have a spreadsheet with a roster of names. I have another list which I wanted to match up who from the 2nd list was on my roster. I temporarily pasted the 2nd list onto my spreadsheet so I could try to match up the names. The problem is if I sort the spreadsheet it will mess up that 2nd list I pasted onto the sheet. Thus using “Sort sheet” will not be a good option.

Sort sheet but I do not want to sort all of the sheet

Sort Range

Sorting a particular range instead of the entire spreadsheet can be helpful. The first step is to select the range you want to sort. Highlight the cells you DO want to sort.

Right Click

Right click and choose “Sort range.” This will not work if you’ve selected an
Sort Range

This will bring up a window that asks you which column you want to sort by. If what you highlighted includes column headers like “First Name” that you want to stay at the top, check the checkbox for “Data has header row.” Choose which column you want to sort by. If I have first name in one column and last name in the next one but want to sort by last name I will need to change the default sort of sorting by the first column in the range.
sort by which column

Heads Up

The point of this is to NOT sort the entire sheet. However, if you have information that lines up in a row, be sure to include all the columns that need to be sorted together.
Highlight all data that goes together!

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