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10+ Must Have Add-ons for Google Classroom Teachers

10+ Must Have Add-ons for Google Classroom Teachers. This list is created by Sam Kary of New EdTech Classroom and Alice Keeler.
10+ Must Have Add-ons for Google Classroom Teachers
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Watch Alice Keeler and Sam Kary from New EdTech Classroom for a presentation, sponsored by Schoolytics, to go over our favorite Add-ons that are helpful for Google Classroom teachers. Add-ons allow you to increase the functionality of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, and more!

The good news, these are great for ANY teacher using Google for Education.

Add-ons for Google Classroom Teachers

Google Classroom teachers are users of Google Workspace for Education. But they also have some unique capabilities such as being able to easily create a copy per student and all student work is saved in a folder in Google Drive. Our list of Add-ons are official Add-ons you can install in the Google Marketplace.

However, I (Alice Keeler) have also coded several unofficial Add-ons that are specifically designed for Google Classroom teachers. Reuse GC: alicekeeler.com/reusegc allows you to reuse multiple Google Classroom assignments at once and more! First Slide: alicekeeler.com/firstslide allows you to push and pull to individual student Google Slides. Pull the Paragraph: alicekeeler.com/pulltheparagraph saves you hours by allowing you to read all student work from individual Google Docs all at once.

Schoolytics Adds Onto Google Classroom

Schoolytics Adds onto Google Classroom

If you are a teacher using Google Classroom be sure to log in for your FREE Schoolytics.com account. Schoolytics makes your Google Classroom experience even better. I teach high school math and I save so many hours each week by going to the Schoolytics dashboard and selecting “Start grading.” If a student has turned in work 3 months late.. it was hard to know. However, Schoolytics provides me with a list, sorted by timestamp, of what has been turned in. I am much better prepared when I have meetings with parents or counselors about a student. Schoolytics allows me to send students a list of their missing assignments. Create customizable progress reports.

Students over the age of 13 can log into Schoolytics to see

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I work part-time as a developer for Schoolytics. This allows me to have time to create free resources for busy teachers. I take my experiences of teaching as well as suggestions from my daily interactions with educators and try to design helpful solutions.

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