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Time’s Up for Breakout Room: Google Slides Hack

Time’s Up for Breakout Room: Google Slides Hack
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When students are in a breakout room you may want to have each group have a Google Slides for them to organize their conversations and guide the activities. To let students know that the time is up I have coded a “Time’s Up” announcement to push to the slides.


Pile of Slides

I have incorporated the capability of Pile of Slides into First Slide. This is something I have personally coded. Note that you will be asked to authorize the code, the Add-on collects zero data. You are simply authorizing YOURSELF access to your own files. Use the Add-ons menu to select “First Slide” and “Show Sidebar.”

Add on menu for first slide and select show sidebar

Breakout Room Options

First Slide allows you to choose a folder in Google Drive that contains Google Slides for each student/group. If you do not have a folder of slides already, use the Pile of Slides options to create a folder with a Google Slides per group. To find the breakout room options, go to Pile of Slides in the sidebar.

Times Up for Breakout Slides

In the breakout room options is an option to push a “Time’s Up.”

For each Google Slides in the folder, a stop sign with “Time’s Up” will be pushed to the slides to give students a clear indicator that it is time to come back to the main group. Alternatively, you can use “Slide Stamp” to send a custom message to each group of slides.

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