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Use the SAME Google Form to Poll

Quick Poll Reuse Google Form with Alice Keeler
Use the SAME Google Form to Poll

During a live session with students there are several options for how you poll students. A quick and dirty is to reuse the same Google Form repeatedly.

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  • Create a Google Form with one multiple choice question.
    • It can be generic “Answer the question” and “A, B, C, D.”
    • OR you can edit the question and answers quickly on the fly.
    • To make it quick, no spot for student name or email if you want to avoid them having to login.
  • Share the link to the form with the students. They will use this same form link repeatedly.
  • Screenshare the Google Form.
  • Toggle to the Responses tab to see the summary of results.
  • Use the 3 dots on the Responses tab to “Delete form responses.”
  • Toggle back to the question tab if you are going to edit the question.

Students Use the SAME FORM over and over and over

After submitting the Form there is a link that says “Submit another response.” Students will leave it on that screen, no reason to keep having to click back on the Quick Poll link again.

Use Your Voice

When you are in a live session and want to do a quick poll you may just say… “A is yes B is no.” Use the Google Form to respond.

Screenshare the Responses tab.

It is fun to see the results coming in. So you are just telling students what the generic A, B, C, D is in your Form. They respond. Remember to use the 3 dots “Delete all responses” each time to clear the responses before you ask another question. “Okay I have cleared the responses now tell me what option you prefer A, B, C, or D. Go.”

Google Forms generic quick question.

Use Google Slides

If you are using some Slides to display information pre create some multiple choice questions in your slides. Students respond on the generic Google Form each time your slide is a multiple choice question.

Toggle your screenshare to the results. Optionally, you can click on “Copy chart” icon in the upper right of the chart question in Google Forms to paste onto a slide in your Google Slides.

Copy chart from Google Forms.

Edit the Question

I find I can pretty fast just retype a new question. Use the SAME question, just edit it. So I show the Questions tab in Google Forms on the screenshare. I delete the old question and quickly type a new question. Edit the answer choices as well. Since I type fast it takes me seconds, so your typing speed may influence your decision to use this option.

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