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Google Classroom Popsicle Sticks – Call on Students

If you use Google Classroom you can call on students randomly from within the Google Classroom App.

Mobile App

This works only on your phone or iPad (or using the Google Classroom android app on a Chromebook.) This currently does NOT work on the web version of Google Classroom.

People Tab

At the bottom of the screen of Google Classroom is the “People” option. In the upper right hand corner of the People page is the student chooser icon. This looks like 4 squares together with the upper right square rotated.

Random Student

When you open the student chooser, it is a random selection from the roster. Click on “Next” to call on another random student.

Choose random student

Without Replacement

Clicking Next will call on another random student but not one that has been called on previously. Tap on “Reset” at the top to reshuffle all the students back into the chooser.

With Replacement

Instead of clicking on “Next” tap on “Call later” to put the student name back in the mix to be called on again.

Call Later in Google Classroom App

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