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Add Google Forms Sections

Seeing a lot of questions at once can be overwhelming. Divide up your Google Form into sections (think pages) to help break up the length of the Google Form.

Make Tabs FAST in Google Sheets

Install Add-on TemplateTab TemplateTab is a Google Sheets Add-on that allows you to duplicate a graphic organizer within a spreadsheet for every student on your roster. Hack TemplateTab Hack TemplateTab to simply create a lot of tabs quickly. Add-on Menu After installing TemplateTab you will find it permanently installed in the Add-on menu. Meaning it is available in any spreadsheet.… Read More »Make Tabs FAST in Google Sheets

Google Slides: Roster to Slides

Take your roster of student names and assign them a slide in Google Slides. Each students name will appear on a slide in the newly created Google Slides. The Template Unofficial Add-on alicekeeler.com/rostertoslides is an unofficial Add-on for Google Sheets. Make a copy of the template and use the Add-on menu to choose “Roster to Slides.” You will need to… Read More »Google Slides: Roster to Slides

Jamboard: Add a Background from Canva

Alexes Terry of Twisted Teaching shares in this YouTube video how to create custom backgrounds for Jamboard using Canva. Presentation Template Use the Presentation Template that is 1920 by 1080 pixels. This gives you the right dimensions for Jamboard. Make a Background for Jamboard Do you love using Jamboard with your students but tired of the boring backgrounds? Are you… Read More »Jamboard: Add a Background from Canva