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FREE!! Make a Pile of Google Slides for Students and Update Them

When teaching remotely, or just when teaching with digital tools, using Google Slides is a giant help! Students can create muti-media representations of their work and since Google Slides are collaborative you can see their work in real time. Now you want to be able to update and add to the student slides… my Add-on can help. Makes a folder… Read More »FREE!! Make a Pile of Google Slides for Students and Update Them

Count how many checkboxes are checked

Count Up Checkboxes in Google Sheets

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My favorite part of Google Sheets is inserting checkboxes! WICKED USEFUL FOR TEACHERS! My daughter is helping me with my YouTube thumbnails (check out her handiwork and subscribe to my channel 🙂 She is using a Google Sheets spreadsheet to keep track of how many thumbnails she creates for me, and I’m paying her. She made a list of checkboxes… Read More »Count Up Checkboxes in Google Sheets

Create a venn diagram with Google Slides

Google Slides: Create a Venn Diagram

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In Google Slides or Google Drawing you can create a Venn Diagram by creating 2 circles and adjusting the transparency of the fill color. Perfect Circles The trick to a perfect circle is to hold down the Shift key when you draw the circle. Fill Color – Reduce Opacity To make your fill on your circle more transparent, first click… Read More »Google Slides: Create a Venn Diagram

Use Chrome logins

Google: Solve the Source of All Your Problems – Use Chrome Logins

“This didn’t work for me.” “It wont’ let me login.” “I can not edit this.” “I can not open this file” Use Chrome logins NOT add accounts. This is the number one reason you have issues. I think I respond more often than not to someone having an issue with “You are having account conflicts.” If when you click on… Read More »Google: Solve the Source of All Your Problems – Use Chrome Logins

Create templates from google slides

Google Slides: Share Templates

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If you create a Google Slides template and want to share it with others you can modify the end of the Slides URL to turn your slides into a template. /template/preview Change the Sharing Permissions By default the sharing permissions on any file is private. You can not share templates of private files. Make sure you change the sharing settings… Read More »Google Slides: Share Templates


script.new TRY IT

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Try Coding Google Apps Script You can code Google Apps. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc… (Currently Google new Google Sites you can not). Like the other Google Apps products you can use dot new to quickly make a new file of the product. Once you’re in the code editor you will see a function defaulted to being named myFunction().… Read More »script.new TRY IT