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When using Google Meet and you want to share your screen it is pretty common to say “Can you guys see my screen?” How do you know you are presenting and what you are presenting without using a Chrome extension? How can you see BOTH the presentation and the participants at the same time?

Share Your Screen

To share your screen in Google Meet click on “Present Now” in the bottom right.

Your Presentation

After choosing to present part or all of your screen, notice in the upper right that it is showing a very small thumbnail of your screen share.

Pin Your Presentation

Hover over the tiny screen presentation and click on the Pin icon to “Pin to screen.” This will confirm to you that you are screen sharing and what you are sharing.

Lose Participants

Unfortunately, pinning your screen to see what you are presenting will lose your ability to see who is participating in the Meet. Unless….

Duplicate the Meet Tab

While in the Google Meet, right click on the Chrome tab and choose “Duplicate.” This will have you in the Meet TWICE!

Use the 2nd Tab

On the 2nd Tab you are not the presenter but rather just another participant. You can see the presentation AND the participants on that tab. No pinning of the presentation required. Tip: Mute your mic and turn off the camera on the 2nd tab.

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