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Google Jamboard: Pull a Rabbit Out of the Hat

Let students pull out hidden objects, like vocabulary words or surprises in Jamboard.
Google Jamboard: Pull a Rabbit Out of the Hat
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In Google Jamboard if you have wanted to have students pull out hidden images, pictures, or text from an object for an element of surprise try my Pull a Rabbit out of the Hat template.

add hidden objects to your jamboard

Add Hidden Images, Text, or Sticky Notes to Jamboard

On the Jam insert Images and drag them into the hat. They disappear! Create the vocab words on Sticky Notes and hide them in the hat. Students can then pull objects that you have hidden in the hat out of the Jamboard.

Pen Scribble

To make this sample Jam I created a background that has a rabbit in a hat. I made sure that the hat was black. I then used the black marker in Jamboard to scribble over the hat. Pen strokes are always on top. So if you’re able to make a giant scribble then any objects you move around on the Jamboard frame will be hidden under that scribble.

YouTube video

Convert Your Google Jamboard Jams to FigJam

Google is discontinuing Jamboard. GOOD NEWS! It is super EASY to convert your files into FigJam. Sign up for a FREE educator account at figma.com/education. Go to figma.com to import your Jamboards Jams. Check out my converted files at figma.com/@alicekeeler.

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