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Open Search Results in a New Tab

Open Search Results in a New Tab

Hat tip to Ryan McKinney for finding a feature to open results from a Google Search in a new tab. I am in the habit of holding down the Control key when I click on search results. This opens the page in a new tab so I do no lose my Google Search. Rarely do I want only the first result. I hold down the Control key when I click on the link since the result might not answer my question and I need to try a different search result.

Google Search Settings

If you have never clicked on “Settings” in Google Search you might be surprised by some of the options you can set for your Google Search. Go to google.com and click on “Settings” in the bottom right.

After You Searched

I usually find the Settings after I have searched for something. In that case you will find “Settings” underneath the search bubble and above the results.

Search Settings

Clicking on Search will give you a menu of options. Choose “Search settings.”

Where Results Open

Scroll down a little to find “Where results open” and check the checkbox. Now when you click on search results you do not need to hold down the Control key. The result will automatically open in a new window.

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