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Google Meet: Add a Jam

Google Meet: Add a Jam
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If you are using Google Meet for video conferencing, you can now incorporate Jamboard more easily to your meeting.

Jamboard is a Google Tool

Jamboard is a Google document like Docs, Sheets, and Slides and thus can be created in Google Drive and is saved in Google Drive. You can go to http://jamboard.google.com to create a new Jam. It automatically saves and can be found in Google Drive. You can share it with others and collaborate on the whiteboard at the same time.

Create a Jam in Advance or on the Fly in Google Meet

A Jam is a folder created for Jamboard. You may want to add images and pre structure information on a Jam to allow for Google Meet participants to have input on an idea. Otherwise, you are able to create a Jam on the fly while in Google Meet.

3 Dots Menu

Hover in your Google Meet over the bottom to get the menu to show up. Click on the 3 dots and choose the option “Whiteboard – Open a Jam.”

Select to “Start a new whiteboard” or Choose a Jam already created in Google Drive.

Automatic Sharing

Google Meet is about collaborating and meeting with others. A window will pop up letting you choose to give access to those who are in the meeting. The default is to share with VIEW access those who are currently in the meeting. You can change this from view to Edit to allow the participants to draw on the whiteboard also.

Alternatively, you can choose the 2nd option to give ANYONE with the link to the Jam view access. Note that you can click on the Share button in the upper right, just like any Google document, and change the sharing permissions manually. Including, anyone with the link can EDIT.

Floating Window

The jam does not open in a new tab in Chrome but rather as a floating window. It is NOT screensharing with the Meet participants.

The join link to the Jam is put into the Google Meet Chat automatically.

Share Your Window in Google Meet

To screenshare the Jam use the “Present your screen” option in Google Meet and choose “Window” and select the Jam floating window.

After the Meeting

The Jam created in the Google Meet is a regular Jam that is saved in Google Drive. You can’t lose your whiteboard notes from a meeting.

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Convert Your Google Jamboard Jams to FigJam

Google is discontinuing Jamboard. GOOD NEWS! It is super EASY to convert your files into FigJam. Sign up for a FREE educator account at figma.com/education. Go to figma.com to import your Jamboards Jams. Check out my converted files at figma.com/@alicekeeler.

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