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Ask A Question Gosh Darn It

ask a question in Google Slides
Ask A Question Gosh Darn It
ask a question in google slides

Use Google Slides Q&A to Get Your Audience to Ask a Question

The TCEA conference sent out a tweet reminding participants to ASK A QUESTION! Google Slides has an easy way to let your audience ask a question even if they are afraid to raise their hand.

Present Mode

You need to be in presentation mode for this to work. Click on the present button at the top right of Google Slides. There is a tiny triangle next to the present button so you can choose “Presenter view” but let’s be honest, we will forget to do this.


Hover over the bottom left of the presentation screen and find Q&A. Click on this.

Presentation Tools

A small pop up window will appear. Q&A is intended to be used for extended desktop so you would see the small window on your computer while the presentation is displayed on the projector. I don’t use extended desktop so I just tuck the little window into the bottom right corner (drag it out of the way) so I can bring it up when I want to.

You will need to click “Start new” on the Audience Tools tab. This will automatically generate a link to ask a question.

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Automatically Displays Link

The link is automatically displayed at the top of your Slides presentation.

This is not a real presentation, using the above link will not work.

Ask a Question

Audience members who go to your link will be prompted to ask a question.


Participants can see questions from other participants on their own screen and can upvote a question. This lifts the question up for the presenter to allow the speaker to answer first what is the most popular.

Click Present

For the presenter, they need to look at the little pop up window to see what questions have been asked. Clicking the “Present” button on the question swaps out the displayed slide for the question.

Not a Slide

The question appears as a slide to the audience, but it is not a slide. The question is not added to the actual slide deck.

Hide Question

The presenter needs to click “Hide” on the small pop out screen to return to the presentation.

2 thoughts on “Ask A Question Gosh Darn It

  1. If I accidentally exit and then re-nter presentation mode… will the questions be lost? Or are they still there? Is it the same link always?

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