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Ashley Fort Historical Tweets Activity

Students Tweet as Historical Figures by @MrsAshleyBFort

Use Collaborative Google Slides to Create Historical Tweets I love to share a good idea! Ashley Fort shared how she has students use a Google Slides deck to create a fake Twitter profile of famous people they have researched. The students then tweet as the famous person within the Google Slides. This is a 21st-century lesson that involves creativity, critical… Read More »Students Tweet as Historical Figures by @MrsAshleyBFort

manage people in google chrome

Manage Multiple Google Accounts

Manage Multiple Google Accounts If you are like me, you have more than one Google account. You may have your G Suite account from school plus your personal Gmail account. I was working with a teacher the other day and we were trying to create a TemplateTab. We were clearly in her school account but it kept making it in… Read More »Manage Multiple Google Accounts

share a copy of a google form

Share a Copy of a Google Form

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Copy and Share a Google Form It can be a little tricky to share a Google Form without making your data vulnerable to who you want to share with. I have coded an Add-on for Google Forms that creates a copy of the Form you are using and asks who you want to share the copy with. Beta Tester alicekeeler.com/betatester… Read More »Share a Copy of a Google Form

Twitter Image Template in Google Drawing

Add an Image to Your Tweet

Add an Image to Your Tweet How do you find new ideas; not just for using tech but that too? Twitter is full of innovative awesome educators who share! Create a Twitter account just for teaching and only follow educators who share, give free lesson plans, and free moral support. Follow @burgessdave @jmattmiller @shakeuplearning @ericcurts @jenroberts1 @lisahighfill @catlin_tucker @jcorippo @burgess_shelley @thomascmurray @marvelousmcc @shfarnsworth… Read More »Add an Image to Your Tweet