Google Sheets Page Breaks

Add a Page Break to Google Sheets

Need to print a Google Sheets spreadsheet? Now you can custom set your page breaks. Here is a spreadsheet for you to try it out on!

Control P

Print! Control P or use the File menu and choose Print.

Set Custom Page Breaks

In the print settings, look for the blue text that says “Set custom page breaks.”
Set custom page breaks

Adjust Default Breaking Points

A preview shows you how Google Sheets thinks your pages should be broken.
Setting the Page Breaks


As you hover your mouse over the default breaks, they seem to JUMP ALIVE! Grab and drag the blue lines to where you desire them to be.
Drag Page Breaks

Confirm the breaking points and you’re all set to print!
Confirm the page breaks

Learn More about Google Sheets

Join one of my online Go Slow workshops to learn more about Google Sheets spreadsheets.

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