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Slides Break – An Add-on by Alice Keeler

Sildes break is an unofficial Add-on by Alice Keeler to add breaks to your presentation. Start with the template to load the Add-on then use the menu to set the number of breaks.
Slides Break – An Add-on by Alice Keeler
How to have 3 random breaks during a time period? I saw this posted on Facebook and decided to create an unofficial Add-on for Google Slides to help with this.

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Make a Copy of the Slides Break Template

This is an unofficial Add-on meaning you will make a copy of the template. Since you copied the template (and thus copied the code) you will notice that YOU did not submit your Slides to Google. You will get a warning when you authorize that YOU did not submit the Slides for approval to Google. When authorizing, you are only authorizing yourself access to your own Slides and files. You may get a large “Back to Safety” button, do not click on this. Instead click on “Advanced” and “Unsafe.” It is safe, it is just saying no one at Google looked at your Slides.

Use the Add-on Menu

The Random Slides Break Add-on is both under the Add-on menu and as a stand alone menu next to the Help menu.

screenshot of the slides break random break menu that says authorize, set and break now

Set the Time

Use the Add-on menu to set the number of minutes for the class period. Over the next x minutes you want to have 3 breaks.

Random Slides Break randomly selects THREE break times.

Simply type the number of minutes into the pop up window.

Wait For It

Leave the Google Slides projected in EDIT mode. Do NOT press on the Present button. Presentations do not update unless refreshed. In order to see the break slide you will need to be in edit mode.

After the randomly selected number of minutes passes, a slide will be added to the TOP of the filmstrip. The background color is randomly selected so you can see that the color has changed.

Sitting is Worse Than Smoking

Look it up! Sitting for too long is unhealthy! It is important to get up and move. If you are starting a new Google Slides to work on you may want to start with alicekeeler.com/slidesbreak for a blank Slides template. Use the Add-on menu to set a break so a reminder is provided every so often for you to get up and stretch. I also use the Move-it Chrome extension for this purpose. It reminds me to take a break by taking over my whole screen with some way to move. Use Slides Break for something more subtle.

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