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Google Slides: Roster to Slides

Take your roster of student names and assign them a slide in Google Slides. Each students name will appear on a slide in the newly created Google Slides.

The Template

Unofficial Add-on

alicekeeler.com/rostertoslides is an unofficial Add-on for Google Sheets. Make a copy of the template and use the Add-on menu to choose “Roster to Slides.” You will need to authorize the Add-on. You will authorize YOURSELF to have access to your own Google Sheets/Slides. This Add-on collects NO USER DATA.


Setup the spreadsheet by using the Setup button in the sidebar of the Add-on. This will add a sheet with column headers for where you can paste your student roster.

Roster to Slides Add-on by Alice Keeler. The sidebar lets you send the roster in a spreadsheet to a Google Slides.

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Create Slides

Once you have pasted your roster, click on “Create Slides” in the sidebar. A brand new Google Slides will be created. Wait for all of the names to be added to the Slides and if you have popups allowed the Google Slides will open in a new tab. If you do not have popups allowed you can go to Google Drive to find the recently created Slides.

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