Using Google Slides for Remote Learning is a great idea!! I have seen a ton of people posting choice boards and agendas using Google Slides. You can create ONE Google Slides and share the link to that. Update your Slides (new ones at the TOP) and automatically everyone gets the update. But what if you instead want to send a slide to slides a student already owns… and can edit.

Push Slides

I coded Push Slides to allow you to push a slide whenever you want to student Slides.

The template is a Google Form. You can edit the Form however you want, just make sure the 2nd question is “What is the link to your slides.”

Students Make and Share Slides

Students need to make Slides and share it with you. Have them put the link to the Slides into your Form.

Alternatively, you can create an assignment in Google Classroom that pushes each student a copy of a Google Slides. Ask the students to fill out the Google Form and submit the link to the slides to the Form.


Before you ask students to submit their slides, setup the Form by going to the puzzle piece Add-on menu in the Form. Select “Push Slides.

Choose “Setup.”

You will need your own Google Slides as your slide deck master. Copy the link to your slides and when prompted paste the link to the slides.

Tip: You can run setup to link to any set of slides you want anytime.

Push Slides

Once students have turned in their Google Slides links to your Google Form just keep coming back to the Form and using the puzzle piece Add-on menu to “Push Slides.” It will prompt you for what slide number you want to send. Type the number and whoosh… it goes to everyone’s slides. Repeat as often as you want.

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