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Google Forms: Finish Filling Out Later

Google Forms: Finish Filling Out Later
Google Forms: Finish Filling Out Later

Update Your Google Forms Response

“Can students who don’t finish come back to the Google Form later to finish?” Short answer… not really. But, here is how YES!

Intro to Google Classroom online workshop

Edit Response

When editing a Google Form, in the settings cog, is the option to “Edit after submit.” This gives you the false assumption that students can come back to the Form to finish or update their form later.

Edit Your Response

After students submit, if you selected ‘Edit after submit’, they have an option to “Edit your response.” This will allow students to click on that link to get back to their form answers and update their responses.

Save the Link

In order for students to come back to the Form and finish it or update it, they would need to save that link…. but there is no easy way to do this. Students would need to right click on the link and choose “Copy Link Address.” They would then need to paste and save it somewhere.

El Chupacabra


I have created a Google Form where after you submit, it will email you the edit link. Try it out!

Email the Edit Link

This is NOT natively built into Google Forms. Here is a template:


Set Up Menu

After making a copy of the Google Form, go to the puzzle piece icon at the top right and choose “Email Form Link”

Email Form Link add on in forms
It can take up to a minute for the menu option to load.

Authorize the Add-on

You will need to authorize the Add-on.
This may require clicking on ‘Advanced’ and ‘unsafe’ (it is safe).


When students submit the Form the link to edit or finish the Form will be added to the spreadsheet of responses. You can choose to have it automatically email this link to all of the students.

Setup the Add on

Choose “Setup with Send Email” if you want students to receive an email after submitting with the edit link.

Choose “Setup with no Email” if you want the control distributing the edit link.


The Add-on will create a spreadsheet for your responses, or add a sheet to the spreadsheet you already have. When a student submits the Form the link to edit their response will be added to the spreadsheet automatically. Additionally, if your students have email they will receive an email with the link.

12 thoughts on “Google Forms: Finish Filling Out Later

  1. I must be doing something wrong, it keeps kicking me back to authorize the Template repeatedly taking me through the steps and not becoming an add on to use on forms. Help!

  2. I have authorised the add-on but now I cant seem to work out how to do the setup where I get to chose ‘Setup with Send Email’. How do I go about doing this part? Also how can I test whether this is all working as it should?

  3. I worked out how to do the Setup but keep getting this error message: ‘TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getUrl’ of undefined’. What does that mean?

    1. Google Forms has built this feature in. You probably do not need my add on anymore. The advantage my add on has is that it will give YOU the teacher the link to their form and you can see their responses.

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