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QR Code in Google Chrome

Update your Google Chrome to find the QR code option in the address bar. This is NOT an extension. This is part of the update in Google Chrome.

3 Dots in the Chrome Browser

In Google Chrome go to the 3 dots menu in the upper right of your browser. Go down to Settings.

In the settings type “update” at the top to filter to the “Safety check.”

Click on “Check now” to see that your browser is updated.

Browser Omnibox

The address bar at the top of your Chrome browser is actually called the Omnibox! Navigate to a website where you want to create a QR code. Notice there is no QR code option in the Omnibox.

Click in the Omnibox

You want to click in the Omnibox address bar to make the icon show up. It looks like 4 squares with a broken square around them.

Download the QR Code

Use the Download button to download the QR code as an image to your computer. Add this to your documents you want to print out to give access to the website.

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