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Create Badges with Google Apps

Google Workspace users! Create badges with Google Apps. A free way to increase student engagement and include gamification.
Create Badges with Google Apps

Let’s power up learning with DIY gamification. Use the Google Workspace tools you already know and love. Create badges with Google Apps. No need for extra downloads! Transform Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides into your very own badge-creating studio. Get creative and design badges that pop with color and excitement. Then, award these badges to celebrate your students’ awesome accomplishments. Imagine the boost in motivation as they gather these symbols of mastery, overcoming challenges, and teaming up for incredible quests. Jump into this DIY badge journey and watch as learning evolves into an exhilarating adventure, all within the ecosystem of Google Workspace!

Create Badges with Google Apps

There is certainly no one way or right way to make badges with Google Apps. Going through the different Google Workspace Apps here are a few suggestions for each tool. 

Distributing Badges

The easy part of the process is making the badges. Now that you have them, what do you do with them? This is dependent on many variables: Goals of the teacher. Technical skill levels. LMS distribution options. Etc… 

This post will not focus on distribution, that is for another post. 

Table of Contents

Google Drawings

Google Slides is an easy tool to use to create simple badge graphics. Download and print the badges or use them on digital documents. 

Webinar Recording: Creating Badges with Google Apps

Gamification Works!! We know when we gamify activities it increases student engagement and increased engagement increases student learning. In my webinar I went over how to create digital badges using Google Slides and Google Drawings.

Google Slides

Google Slides is an easy tool to use to create simple badge graphics. Download and print the badges or use them on digital documents. 

Learn More about Google Slides from Teacher Tech

Google Sheets

Google Sheets help to keep badges organized. Combined with the power of formatting and formulas Google Sheets shines as a badge system.  Create badges in Google Drawings and incorporate them into Google Sheets. 

Badge Game

Use the Badge Game template to quickly get started with a badging challenge. 

Learn More about Google Sheets from Teacher Tech

Google Forms

Google Forms is a great way to track if students are earning badges. Have students self submit with their evidence. Alternatively, use the Form yourself to keep track of student achievements. 

Try Certify'em for Badges

Certify’em is an Add-on for Google Forms that awards a certificate to a student after passing a quiz. Hack the certificate to be a badge instead! 

Google Sites

Google Sites are a great portfolio tool. Students can compile their badge evidence in a Google Sites website. Embed Google Slides or Sheets with earned badges. 

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