Make Badges in Google SLides

Create Badges in Google Slides

I definitely have a coding addiction. For fun I created an Add-on for Google Slides that will make gamification badges for you.


This makes is fast and easy to add digital stickers or badges to student work. Make a copy of the template and wait maybe a minute depending on internet speed for the Make Badges menu to load.

You will need to authorize the add-on. It will let you know that Google has not reviewed my code.

Choose “Make Badge.”

Make badges menu choose Make Badge
gamification go slow leaderboard


Change the fill color, add a clipart image, add word art… make your badge fun! Use the menu to add more badges.

Customize your badge with clipart


For the selected badge, use the File menu to “Download as” and choose “PNG” to maintain the transparency.

Chrome Download Bar

If you are using Chrome, the images download at the bottom of the Chrome screen. You can DRAG those images from the download bar right onto Google Slides or Docs.

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