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4 Steps to Design Your Own Google Slides Theme

How to customize Google Slides theme. Try these 4 steps to designing your own theme. Share with friends!
4 Steps to Design Your Own Google Slides Theme

If you use Google Slides you will know that the number of theme choices is limited. However, you can design your own theme! Or you can simply go to slidesmania.com and Paula creates free themes for you. While I use Slidesmania a lot, I often want to design and customize my own Google Slides. Here is how to Design a Google Slides Theme:

Things to Consider in your Google Slides Theme

When it comes to creating engaging presentations, the power of a well-designed Google Slides theme cannot be overstated. Whether you’re a teacher, a business professional, or anyone needing to convey ideas compellingly, mastering the art of design in Google Slides themes is crucial.

Starting with a Blank Canvas

Imagine starting with a blank canvas; this is your first step in designing a Google Slides theme. It’s a fresh opportunity to bring your unique style and creativity into play. As you embark on this journey, remember, the theme you choose or create sets the tone for your entire presentation.

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Embrace Color Schemes Thoughtfully

Color plays a pivotal role in design. When designing your Google Slides theme, select a color scheme that reflects the mood and purpose of your presentation. Are you aiming for a professional look? Maybe opt for blues and greys. For something more energetic, brighter colors can work wonders. Google Slides offers a palette of colors, but don’t hesitate to customize and create your unique blend.

Typography Matters

Next, let’s talk about typography in your Google Slides theme design. The right font can make your content pop and keep your audience engaged. Google Slides provides a variety of fonts, but feel free to import your own to make your slides stand out. Remember, consistency is key, so pick one or two fonts and stick with them throughout your presentation.

Utilizing Visuals Effectively

Incorporating visuals is a game-changer when you design your Google Slides theme. Use high-quality images, charts, and graphs to support your narrative. These elements should complement your content, not overshadow it. Google Slides allows easy integration of visuals, making your slides both informative and aesthetically pleasing.

Design a Google Slides Theme

Designing your Google Slides theme is an exciting process that blends creativity with practicality. It’s about making a statement, engaging your audience, and delivering your message effectively. Remember, every slide is a canvas waiting for your creative touch. So go ahead, design your Google Slides theme today, and transform your presentations into captivating stories!

1. Use the Theme Builder

You are wanting to customize the theme or build your own theme. Your first step is to use the View menu and then choose “Theme builder.”

Screenshot of view menu with the Theme builder

The theme slide controls the entire Google Slides. Change the font colors and sizes on this theme layout to make universal changes to ALL the layouts. Adding an image onto the theme layout will cause that image to appear on ALL slides.

2. Manage the "Theme" Layout

While in theme builder you might notice that it says the theme is “Simple Light.” You want to change this to make it your own theme! Notice the selection of layouts and above that layout is a tile called “Theme” (formerly the master.) 

Screenshot of theme builder that says Simple LIght

First, click on the Theme above layouts. Second, click on “Rename” in the middle above the large version of the theme slide.

3. Select Theme Colors

It is important that you define your theme colors. When you use theme colors in your presentation, you can modify the theme colors and this universally makes changes to your Google Slides.

Screenshot of colors to design google slides theme

Tip for Using SlidesMania

Tip: Modify Colors on SlidesMania.

After downloading a Google Slides from SlidesMania you may want to customize the colors to match your school colors. Change the colors in the theme builder to make global changes to the entire presentation!

Screenshot of design google slides theme modifying the theme colors

In the sidebar, click on “Choose a theme color.”

5. Add Shapes to the Layouts

I can not emphasize this enough. Use the theme colors. In the sidebar under colors you clicked on each of the options and chose a complimentary set of colors.

There are 11 default layouts. You now customize these with shapes, images, and adjusting the placeholder textboxes. When adding shapes, click on the paint can in the toolbar. Notice that the theme name you chose is now listed instead of “Simple white.” Click on these color options as often as possible.

Design Google Slides Theme Paint Can

If you go back to the Theme Builder and change any of the colors on the theme, for example you would rather have hot pink instead of purple, then every spot where the theme color was used will now be hot pink instead.

Screenshot of custom theme colors in Google Slides

Sharing Your Google Slides Theme

No need to keep it to yourself! You can share your design for the Google Slides theme. When someone makes a copy of your Google Slides, they also get the theme! 

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