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Add a Date to Google Slides Add-on

I created a Free Add-on that will allow you to add a date on the Google Slides and updated it automatically.
Add a Date to Google Slides Add-on
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A teacher was lamenting to me that, unlike PowerPoint, Google Slides will not allow you to add a date to the slides. This does not do it automatically when you open the Slides, but I created a Free Add-on that will allow you to add and update a date on the Google Slides.

Install Add-on

Collects NO User Data

This Add-on collects NO user data.

Use the Add-on Menu

After installing, use the “Add-ons” menu in Google Slides to select the “Add a Date” Add-on.

Use the Adds ons menu and select Add a Date

Select “Add Date”

Choosing the “Add Date” option in the menu will add a textbox to the FIRST SLIDE with the current date. You can use this to remind yourself, a collaborator, or a student the last time the information was updated. If you’re a teacher, to allow viewers to know what date the information was taught/presented.

textbox in upper right of Google Slides.

Update the Date

You would not want to edit the date manually! If you want to update the date and time use the Add-on menu and select “Add a Date” and “Add Date.” The textbox that was created by the Add-on is deleted and a new textbox is placed in the upper right with the current date and time.

Domain Install

This Add-on uses NO user data. Suggest to the Google Workspace Admin that they can domain install this for all users!

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