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Clear Frame – Google Jamboard

Brainstorm and work through ideas with students. Use Clear Frame in Google Jamboard to remove all notes, textboxes, and pen strokes.

Clear Frame – Google Jamboard

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Google Jamboard is a whiteboard application by Google. Of course it is collaborative! Use the Pen tool to write on the frame (page). Add Sticky Notes with ideas you want to share. Add textboxes and highlight the important points. Use Google Jamboard to brainstorm ideas, the clear frame feature is a useful tool in this process. Don’t worry though you can always restore it!

There is a 20 frame limit in Google Jamboard

Clear the Frame in Google Jamboard

While working through ideas in Jamboard you may want to wipe the frame clean. In the upper toolbar is an option to “Clear frame.” Clearing the frame removes everything. This includes pen strokes, highlighting, sticky notes, textboxes, and images.

Google Jamboard Clear frame button.


The “Clear frame” option in the toolbar does NOT provide a warning.

Be careful about pressing “Clear frame.” There is no confirmation that you want to clear the entire frame. You may want to change the background, but since the “Background” button is right next to “Clear frame” you may inadvertently erase everything on the frame.

Version History

If you inadvertently clear the frame you can recover the cleared frame by using the Jamboard Version history. Click on the 3 dots menu in the upper right to select “See version history.”

3 dots menu and select see version history

Review the Versions

On the right side of Version history is a list of different versions. As edits are made in Jamboard, including cleared frames, a version is recorded. For edits made in short succession the versions will be collapsed under a tiny triangle.

version history list. View the tiny triangle.

Notice for a version there might be a triangle to the left of the date stamp. Clicking on this will reveal additional versions.

Click on the version list on the right side to preview the version.

Rename the Version

Optionally, you can double click on the date stamp to rename the version.

Double click to rename the versions of cleared frames

Restore the Version

After selecting the version on the right hand side, select “Restore this version” in the upper left corner. This allows you to go back to any point in that brainstorming session even if it was a cleared frame.

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