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Jamboard is a Google Apps File

Google Jamboard is a Google Apps file. This means you can find it in Google Drive and create Jams from Google Drive.
Jamboard is a google apps file
Jamboard is a Google Apps File
Jamboard is a google apps file

Find and Access Your Jams in Google Drive

Did you know you can create a collaborative space with the Jamboard software? This is a Google tool. A Jam is a document file that you can find in your Google Drive just like any Google Doc, Sheets, or Slides. Jamboard is really intuitive to use.


Go to jamboard.google.com to create a new Jam file or go straight to Google Drive and under “New” click “More” and find “Google Jamboard.”

Know Your Jam

The collaboration space allows you to sketch out your brainstorms, add sticky notes for ideas, and add pictures. Notice Jams have multiple pages. Click the right arrow on the icon in the toolbar center to add another page.

Sharing a Jam

A Jam is a Google Apps document. How you share a Google Doc is how you share a Jam. Click on the blue icon and add the email address of who you want to collaborate with or change the settings to “anyone with the link can edit” if you wish.

Using a Jam in Google Classroom

The exact way you would add a Google Doc to Google Classroom you add a Jam. Click the “Add” button when making an assignment and choose “Google Drive” and you will find your recently created Jam right there. Search for the Jam title if you did not create it recently. You can also filter for Jamboard Jam files by entering type:jam into the search bar.

Just like in Google Slides and Sheets you can link to a particular page in your Jam. If you are on page 3 of your Jam and copy the link at the top of the screen, that link directs to page 3.

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Convert Your Google Jamboard Jams to FigJam

Google is discontinuing Jamboard. GOOD NEWS! It is super EASY to convert your files into FigJam. Sign up for a FREE educator account at figma.com/education. Go to figma.com to import your Jamboards Jams. Check out my converted files at figma.com/@alicekeeler.

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