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Scheduling Parent Conferences

By request, here is a work around for creating parent conference appointments. Request: Can you make a way to let parents schedule conferences and know which time slots are available but not make the name of the student or parent visible? Answer: One solution is to create a Google Form with the possible appointment times.  From the spreadsheet where the… Read More »Scheduling Parent Conferences

Using Google Forms for Peer Evaluation

Photo Credit: quinn.anya via Compfight cc I like to have my students do peer evaluations on student presentations or student projects.  An issue is having students type in the name of their classmate. Frequently they will misspell or otherwise make a mistake on communicating identification data back to me.  In order for me to run a pivot table to analyze the data… Read More »Using Google Forms for Peer Evaluation

Creating a Quiz with a Google Form and use Flubaroo to Grade it.

One way to quiz students is to use Google Forms. This tool is expecially handy because all of the students answers automatically are gathered. You will instantly be able to see a summary of responses that make some very nice charts and graphs to help you to modify your instruction on the spot. You can choose to have the results… Read More »Creating a Quiz with a Google Form and use Flubaroo to Grade it.

Grading with a Rubric

On occasion I have observed some rubrics being utilized to create numerical grades that do not correspond to the rubric scale. For example on a 3 point rubric scale 3 = excellent 2 = average 1 = poor A score of 2 being average but a 2/3 = 66% is not an average score. Since I like spreadsheets I like to do… Read More »Grading with a Rubric

Searching your Google Drive

I am really liking Google Drive (http://drive.google.com).  At the top of your Gmail you may still be seeing “documents” listed instead of drive, if you can I would recommend changing to Drive.  If you are on a Google Apps domain that decision may need to be made by the Google Apps Administrator. Drive is basically your virtual hard drive.  Just… Read More »Searching your Google Drive

Take the Hassle Out of Students Turning in Assignments

Updated Note: This script works with old Google Sheets. Click Here to make a copy of a blank Google Sheet that is the old version. You will want to connect your Google Form to the old style spreadsheet. In the new Google Sheets there is an Autocrat add-on, however it will not merge the document upon form submission. This means… Read More »Take the Hassle Out of Students Turning in Assignments