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15 MORE Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

15 MORE Things You Can Do With Google Classroom


Previously I had blogged on 20 things you can do with Google Classroom. Here are 15 more ideas! Book: “50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom” now available on Amazon.

  1. Collect Data: Linking to a Google Form or just a Google spreadsheet from an announcement allows you to quickly gather data from students.
  2. Share with Multiple Classes: If you teach multiple sections of the same course, Google Classroom will create the assignment in each section.
  3. Collaborative Note Taking: Create a Google document and designate some students to be note takers for the discussion. Students can collaboratively take notes on the document and those notes are easily accessible by the other students through an announcement in Classroom.
  4. Display Student Work: With student permission, use an announcement to link to student work that is available in your Classroom Google Drive folder.
  5. One Student One Slide: Set an assignment to be a single Google Slides presentation that the class can edit. Modify the slide master to provide a template for student work when they insert their own slide.
  6. Target Parent Phone Calls: Google Classroom clearly shows which students did not complete an assignment. Use this list to make parent calls.
  7. Polling: Create an assignment to find out which students are attending a school event. If yes, have students write their name on a Google Doc that contains event information and then submit the assignment. Now you have a clear list of which students are attending. Unlike a Google Form, you also have a clear list of who is not.
  8. Share a Document with the Class: Google Classroom makes document distribution simple.
  9. Know Who Edits a Collaborative Document: Instead of sharing a Google Doc as anyone can edit, Google Classroom allows you to give edit access to all of the students for a single document without anonymous animals.
  10. Link to a Website: Relying on students to type in a web address correctly costs instructional minutes as you try to get everyone on the same page. Link to websites in a Google Classroom announcement and get everyone on the same page quickly.
  11. After Hours Help: Instead of sending students home to struggle on an assignment, students can post questions to the class to hopefully receive a peer or teacher response before it is due.
  12. Peer Feedback: Share a Google Slides presentation with everyone can edit access. Each student is able to create a slide with their information and other students have easy access to insert comments on other students slides.
  13. Distribute Notes: Rather than focusing on note taking, students are able to focus on discussing. Posting the notes to a Google Classroom announcement allows students to pull up the notes easily and then spend class time talking about them instead of taking them.
  14. Sharing Informal Learning: As students discover ways to connect their classroom learning to their lives they are able to share this on Google Classroom. Students are able to share pictures, Google Docs, YouTube videos or links with the class.
  15. Email the Teacher: Google Classroom gives students an icon to email the teacher. Students can easily email the instructor their questions. Since it will come from the students GAfE account, the teacher can ensure that the message is from that student.


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20 thoughts on “15 MORE Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

  1. Hi Alice–great tips. I’m following you now. (Boy, does that sound like spam. I really am following you–this is the only place I could find the ‘new posts via email’ option!)

    1. If you are using an announcement rather than an assignment you will need to set the blue sharing button settings to be viewable. If you are using the assignment feature you assign it to every student as can view right in Classroom.

  2. Quick question…our administration is worried a teacher/student could create a chat that isn’t publicly accessible within Classroom. Is that an option or is everything public?

  3. New Google Classroom User Question: When I return a document to my students for them to revise, the document opens as “view only” and they cannot make any edits. How can I solve this?

  4. Alice, quick question about #23, collaborative note taking. You look like you might teach math. How do you have the students take notes quickly and easily in Docs when you have all the signs, symbols and vertical lines of numbers to write. I am a science teacher and have the same problems because of the number of diagrams. Thanks.

    1. Multiple ways
      1) stop lecturing, it is an inefficient use of your talents.
      2) students CAN write on paper and then use insert image by snapshot to get the diagrams into the Google Doc.
      3) I don’t ask them to draw the diagrams while I am talking. Give them a graphic organizer they can fill out instead. This can be done in Google Docs.

  5. Hi, If teach multiple sections of the same course should I set up a separate “classroom” for each section? And how can I create an assignment one time and share it with multiple classrooms?

    1. That is up to you. If you want it to match your gradebook then you probably want separate sections. I prefer to put all 150 of my students into one Google Classroom but that is me.

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