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mute youtube

Mute YouTube

Stop YouTube from Autoplaying I love YouTube, You love YouTube, We all love YouTube…. but not the presenter when we fire up YouTube at a PD session. It’s legit! I wanted to look up something the presenter referenced but then the video starts blaring and I’m sheepishly trying to reduce the volume on my computer. Or I am loading up… Read More »Mute YouTube

Google Drive Recent Press N

Google Drive Recent Press N

Use Google Drive to Easily Rename Files I love me a good keyboard shortcut. Once I’ve practiced it enough times it’s muscle memory and my efficiency increases significantly. The keyboard shortcut to rename files in Google Drive is to simply press the letter N. Try it! Webcam Record YOU are important to your students. One way I like to use… Read More »Google Drive Recent Press N

webcam snapshot by Alice Keeler

Webcam Snapshot Chrome Extension

Webcam Snapshot Chrome Extension If your students use Chromebooks the webcam is one of the great features to utilize. As Jon Corippo says, everything is digital when you can take a picture. My new Chrome extension allows you to use your webcam to take images and save them to Google Drive. Chrome Webstore Install Alice Keeler Webcam Snapshot To use… Read More »Webcam Snapshot Chrome Extension

DriveSlides create Google Slides from Google Classroom screenshots

Google Classroom: Review Images Magically

Thank you to Matt Miller (@jmattmiller) for creating this graphic. Use DriveSlides to Review Student Images One thing I ask students to do is to submit screenshots of things as their evidence of completion. When students submit an image to Google Classroom it is automatically saved into an assignment folder in Google Drive. Using the DriveSlides Chrome extension you can… Read More »Google Classroom: Review Images Magically

webcam in google slides

Google Slides: Add Your Webcam

Record Your Face Into Google Slides When creating Google Slides for instructional purposes consider including a short video from your webcam explaining what is on the slide. Webcam Record Chrome Extension Click Here to Install the Webcam Record Chrome extension Install the Alice Keeler Webcam Record Chrome extension. This allows you to record 30 seconds of video from your webcam.… Read More »Google Slides: Add Your Webcam

webcam record chromebooks

Chromebooks: Webcam Record Chrome Extension

Webcam Record Chrome Extension My newest Chrome extension, Alice Keeler Webcam Record, is now live in the Chrome Webstore. This allows Chrome (and Chromebook) users to record 30 seconds of themselves using the webcam. The video is automatically saved to Google Drive and the link to the video is copied to the clipboard for easy sharing. Extension Available in the… Read More »Chromebooks: Webcam Record Chrome Extension

EquatIO by John McGowan

Watch John McGowan Share EquatIO For Math Symbols

Yesterday John McGowan, author of g(math), shared at the Google Math workshop on how awesome the new EquatIO Chrome extension by Texthelp is. Insert math and science symbols with predictive text, voice commands or handwriting to text. EquatIO for Math Watch John McGowan share on Periscope about the new Chrome extension EquatIO. Accessibility Universal Design Learning (UDL) is an important… Read More »Watch John McGowan Share EquatIO For Math Symbols

duplicate chrome tab

Chrome: Duplicate the Tab

One joy of using web-based documents is the ability to have the same document open in multiple places. It is not so uncommon for me to be rocking a Google Doc on my computer browser and also using the app to view the same document. And of course, my collaborators are on their own computer looking at the exact same… Read More »Chrome: Duplicate the Tab

feedback screenshots in google classroom

Google Classroom: Leave Feedback Screenshots

Google Classroom: Leave Feedback Screenshots Things that make me scowly is too many clicks and inefficient workflows. As teachers, we usually have to repeat our actions 30-150 times depending on how many students we have. While doing something once may be no big deal, does it scale? I found most of the screenshot tools required multiple steps to get the screenshot… Read More »Google Classroom: Leave Feedback Screenshots