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Duplicate the Chrome Tab for Google Classroom

Duplicate the tab in Google Classroom
Duplicate the Chrome Tab for Google Classroom

Duplicate the Chrome Tab for Google Classroom

One of the joys of using cloud based products is that you can have the same document open multiple times. I find it very helpful to have the same Google Classroom class open in multiple tabs.


If you are using Chrome, right click on the Google Classroom tab you have open and choose “Duplicate.”

Duplicate the Chrome tab

Stream AND Classwork Tab

By duplicating the class I can view both the Stream and the Classwork tab without waiting for them to load. I simply toggle to the other tab.

Classwork AND Assignment Screen

I do not want to lose the Classwork tab. I want it open all the time. If I need to create an assignment, I have to be on the Classwork tab. I don’t want to navigate there and wait for it to load. When I click on ANY LINK in Google Classroom, I hold down the Control key (Command on a Mac) so that page loads in a different tab. This way I do not lose the Classwork page.

Assignment Screen AND Instructions

I basically run Google Classroom from Gmail. I open the Private Comments notifications from Gmail to help me manage getting back to work to give comments and grade. The problem with this is I don’t always remember what directions I gave when replying or giving feedback. While looking at the assignment screen, I right click on the Chrome tab to duplicate the tab for that assignment. Then I click over on the Instructions tab in the assignment so I can see what prompt I gave exactly. This way I don’t lose the page with the student I am giving feedback to and it is easy to switch tabs to re read what I instructed to make sure I’m advising the student correctly on what I expect.

2 thoughts on “Duplicate the Chrome Tab for Google Classroom

  1. Thank you for this tip. Perhaps you can address the issue I have when I am needing to have more than one Google Classroom set of student work open to score. For example, I was recently grading some high school essays. I also needed to have students’ outlines and reflection letters open. This was a total of 3 assignments open in 3 tabs. As I was working through the sets of work, student by student, Classroom was going to a blank screen in these tabs, getting increasingly laggy, and even stopping all together. I have an 8GB HP Chromebook that is very fast and my Internet is good. Why is Classroom so slow? Thanks for any ideas or followup you can provide.

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