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Open Files Fast: Drive20 Plus

Drive20 Plus Open multiple files
Open Files Fast: Drive20 Plus

Open Multiple Google Apps Files in Drive

Collecting student work digitally means opening multiple digital documents. To open a file in Google Drive you must double click. Opening 20 student documents is 40 clicks! I use the Drive20 Chrome extension to make fast work of this.

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Drive20 Plus Chrome Extension

Click Here to purchase Drive20 Plus

Drive20 Lite is free and allows you to open 20 Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides at once with a single click. Open a folder in Google Drive that has Google Apps files. Click the Drive20 Chrome extension icon and like magic your files will load up in tabs.

Drive20 Plus is $1.99 and allows you to customize how many files you open. Right click on the extension to change the settings to open more than 20, or less.

Tip: Sort your Google Drive folder as “Last opened by me” where files you open go to the bottom of the file list in the Drive folder. This way when you click the extension a second time it will open the next set of 20 documents, not the ones you just reviewed.

8 thoughts on “Open Files Fast: Drive20 Plus

  1. I’m trying to use Drive 20 to open PDF documents. It worked for the first two sets of papers that I’m grading but now it won’t work on the third. I get an error message that says There are no docs or sides In this directory. Can anyone help me?

  2. Can Drive 20 open a folder of Google Doc shortcuts? Even with the shift+Z command, I can’t seem to “Add to Drive” anymore, so all of my recent documents that students share with me are all shortcuts.

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