Quickly Export Your Class Roster from Google Classroom

A simple class roster is something all teachers need. Google Classroom is great but getting a simple roster of your students is not easy. My nephew Matt Dolio, high school senior, was able to solve this problem for me by creating a Chrome extension that exports your roster in seconds to Google Sheets.

Chrome Extension


Alice Keeler Class Roster

After installing the Chrome extension, click on the Class Roster icon in the extension shelf. A green button to “List classes” will appear.
Alice Keeler Class Roster extension

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This will load up a drop down list for you to choose your Google Classroom class that you want to export the roster from. Click on “Make roster!” once you’ve selected your class.

Google Sheets

Depending on your internet speed, a Google Sheets spreadsheet will appear in seconds in another tab. It will contain student last name, first name, full name, and email address. Print the spreadsheet if you need a paper roster to check off students in your class.
Google Sheets Export of your roster

Try Checkboxes

If you don’t need to print the roster (or even if you do) having a checkbox next to each student’s name is helpful. Select the cells you want checkboxes to appear in. Use the Insert menu and choose “Checkbox.” Super easy!
Insert Checkboxes

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