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immersive reader screen reader for Google Docs chrome extension

Using Microsoft Immersive Reader with Google Docs

Have Documents Read to Students with Immersive Reader UDL, Universal Design Learning, is a principle for designing lessons that accommodate all students. What is good for a student with special needs is also good for other students. Students with Dyslexia benefit from using Microsoft Immersive Reader. It takes text and puts it into a distraction free screen and reads the… Read More »Using Microsoft Immersive Reader with Google Docs


Alice Keeler Chrome Extensions

Check Out Alice Keeler Chrome Extensions I have been doing some updating on my Chrome extensions so I’m hoping you’ll try them out and shamelessly ask that you’ll leave a nice review 🙂 I’m really passionate about collaboration and feedback. I created most of these extensions to help me more effectively do that. Chrome Webstore alicekeeler.com/webstore AnyoneCanView Chrome extension for… Read More »Alice Keeler Chrome Extensions

Drive20 Plus Open multiple files

Open Files Fast: Drive20 Plus

Open Multiple Google Apps Files in Drive Collecting student work digitally means opening multiple digital documents. To open a file in Google Drive you must double click. Opening 20 student documents is 40 clicks! I use the Drive20 Chrome extension to make fast work of this. Drive20 Plus Chrome Extension Click Here to purchase Drive20 Plus Drive20 Lite is free… Read More »Open Files Fast: Drive20 Plus

Drive20 by Alice Keeler is back

Drive 20 is BACK

Use Drive20 to Open 20 Google Docs All at Once What is good and bad about Google is they are always making changes. I like to think it keeps your brain young. Awhile back Google updated Google Drive and this caused the Drive20 Chrome extension to break. I am happy to announce it is BACK! Drive 20 Chrome Extension Click… Read More »Drive 20 is BACK

Free screencastify online certification

Screencastify Genius! Free – Videos + Google

Be a Screencastify Genius! with this Online Certification Screencastify is FREE (freemium) and a must have for Chromebook and Chrome users. Screencastify allows you to record your screen, with or without your webcam, and the video SAVES TO GOOGLE DRIVE! That is all I want in life! Get it in Drive! Link to Online Certification https://www.screencastify.com/course/genius/ Free Certification In this… Read More »Screencastify Genius! Free – Videos + Google

Slideshot Desmos

SlideShot Math with Desmos

Use the SlideShot Chrome Extension with Desmos Desmos is so much more than an online graphing calculator. Demos helps shift the math classroom from students doing math to exploring math. “Math is about pattern finding.” – Youcubed One of the shifts in teaching mathematics is away from “Show your work” to “Show your thinking.” Exploring math, finding patterns, and discovering… Read More »SlideShot Math with Desmos

Comments on Screenshots in Google Classroom

Game Changer – Image Comments in Google Classroom

Add Comments on Images Submitted to Google Classroom I have been 1:1 almost my entire teaching career. I started teaching in 1999 and one staple I always require is students to take and submit screenshots. This aids in accountability “What have you been doing all period” but it also helps me to provide feedback to struggling students if I know… Read More »Game Changer – Image Comments in Google Classroom

Google Classroom: Class Roster Chrome Extension

Quickly Export Your Class Roster from Google Classroom A simple class roster is something all teachers need. Google Classroom is great but getting a simple roster of your students is not easy. My nephew Matt Dolio, high school senior, was able to solve this problem for me by creating a Chrome extension that exports your roster in seconds to Google… Read More »Google Classroom: Class Roster Chrome Extension

quickly add video to google classroom

Google Classroom: Quickly Add Video Directions

Use Webcam Record to Add Directions to Google Classroom The most influential element in a classroom: the teacher. You work hard to build relationships and students like you. Putting your face into your digital assignments makes a personal connection with students, even when they are using a computer. When creating an assignment in Google Classroom consider adding a webcam video… Read More »Google Classroom: Quickly Add Video Directions