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5 Chrome Bookmark Tips

Do you bookmark websites so you can get back to them easier? To bookmark a page look for the star in the Omnibox (address bar.) However, this can become a hot mess of disorganization quickly. Be sure to have your bookmark bar viewable! Use the View menu in Chrome and select “Always show bookmarks bar.” Here are 5 tips for bookmarks.

1. You Do NOT Need Words

When you bookmark a website the page usually has a page title. It can be VERY LONG. For example, if you want to bookmark your Google Classroom Classwork page the page name starts with “Classwork for Google Classroom” BEFORE it even says the class title. This is really long and unnecessary for your bookmark bar.

Star to bookmark the Google Classroom page. Says Bookmark added and the name is Classwork for Google Classroom - Goin
Icons in the bookmark bar. They are Google Classroom icons there is a short word next to each except the new one has an arrow pointing at it and it says "Classwork for Goo..."
The bookmark title is very long.

Delete or edit the text before saving.

Notice the Name for your bookmark is editable!! If the icon is clearly identifiable you do not need any words! For my Google Classroom classes, I simply have a number to indicate the class period. A 4 is sufficient.

If you have a lot of words in your bookmark bar you can right-click on the bookmark icon and select “Edit.”

2. Create a Folder

You can have folders on your bookmark bar! Right-click on the bookmark bar and select “Add Folder.” This gives you more room on your bookmark bar. And it provides you with more organization.

Right click menu. Words superimposed on the screenshot say "Right click on the bookmark bar." An arrow is pointing at Add Folder.

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3. Drag Your Bookmarks

Your bookmarks are a mess. You just made a folder, how do you get the bookmark icons into the folder? You can literally just DRAG the bookmarks. I drag my icons into the order of most importance. Make sure your first icon is the one you want the most. Just drag it over.

animated image of a mouse dragging icons to a different order on the bookmark bar. Chrome Bookmark Tips

You can also copy a bookmark and paste it into a folder by using the right-click menu.

4. Use the Bookmark Manager

Right-click on the bookmark bar and select “Bookmark Manager.” Use this to SEARCH your bookmarks! Use the 3 dots menu in the upper right of the Bookmark Manager to sort your bookmarks.

3 dots menu in the bookmark manager shows you can sort by name. Add new bookmark. Add new folder. Import bookmarks. Export bookmarks.

5. Share Your Bookmarks

In the Bookmark Manager you can “Export bookmarks” under the 3 dots menu. This downloads a file to your computer. Share this file with someone. They can go to the Bookmark Manager and import the bookmarks. This creates a folder of the bookmarks.

If you have several bookmarks you want students to have quick access to, share the bookmarks file with them to import.

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