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Google Chrome: Show Warning Before Quitting

I love Control W! It closes the tab. But unfortunately the Q key is right next to the W key and sometimes I accidentally use Control Q, which closes Google Chrome, instead of Control W.

Close the Tab

Close Chrome

Chrome Settings

In Google Chrome go to the 3 dots menu and go to Settings.


Scroll down to the appearance section and choose “Show warning before quitting with Control Q”


After toggling on “Show warning before quitting with Control Q”

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

When closing tabs I almost always use Control W to close the tab. Mostly I leave Google Chrome open all the time, but when I do need to close ALL of Chrome (not just one account) I will use Control Q. The W and the Q are right next to each other on the keyboard so hopefully this helps you to remember them, but it also means you might mix them up. Save yourself from accidentally closing the whole of Chrome by setting Chrome to warn you.

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