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6 Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Increase your productivity with these 6 Google Chrome extensions for teachers.
6 Chrome Extensions for Teachers

If you use Google Chrome these can extend your productivity for teaching tasks. Here are a few that you might like.

1. Mote – Voice Comments

I love using Mote. I can easily record my voice and paste the link into where I leave feedback for students. It also allows me to leave voice directions on assignments.

Hear my voice note: https://mote.fyi/hqshekm

2. Save to Google Drive

I am getting a new computer in a couple of days. Since I save everything to Google Drive I will have nothing to transfer over. My motto, “Get it in Drive.” This Chrome extension will allow you to right click on images to save to Google Drive. Now you can easily add to Google Classroom, Google Slides, etc…

3. EquatIO for Math Symbols

EquatIO is free for teachers!!

4. QuickShare Screenshot

I use this one every day, and not just because it’s mine. When I look at student work I want to take a screenshot. When I am using an external website like Khan Academy or Desmos and I want to leave feedback I want to make sure the student knows exactly what I am looking at. QuickShare Screenshot saves a screenshot to Google Drive and automatically copies the link to your clipboard.

5. Slido

Poll your audience in Google Slides.

6. Record to Slides

Automatically record video and add it to Google Slides. By Google Certified Innovator Clay Smith. Great way to add feedback to student Google Slides.

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