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Voice Comments in Google Docs: It’s going to be e-mote-ional!

Voice Comments in Google Docs: It’s going to be e-mote-ional!

Mote for Voice Comments

Guest blog post by Jon Neale

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I’ve been a classroom teacher for 16 years. In April 2020, at the start of lockdown, I came across Mote on Twitter and everything changed!

Don’t tell anyone: I’m leaving teaching to help more teachers! For the past 16 years, I’ve been a teacher AND doing as much as I can to help others understand what purposeful implementation of edtech feels like.  I have made the exciting decision to start my journey at Mote.

What is Mote

VOICE COMMENTS!!! At its heart, mote is a tool that empowers teachers and students to create voice notes that are integrated throughout Google’s ecosystem – Docs, Classroom, Slides – it just works!

Mote’s vision is a world that types less and talks more. There are many reasons for this that resonate with teachers: time-saving, building relationships and streamlining workflow across Google.  In the past year, the number of teachers using Mote has grown day by day. In Jan of 2021, the 8 millionth mote was created!  Many educators and their students have benefitted by putting mote into their remote learning.  But, it really is a tool with the power to help in any learning circumstance – however familiar or not!

Integrate with Classroom, Slides, and More

The feature list is rich and growing all the time thanks to a dedicated team that listens and responds to community feedback.  Currently available: transcription, translation, Google Classroom integration, STEM mode, notebook, motepad and mote for Google Slides!  All of these are demonstrated on our YouTube playlist #moteminutes.

In February, I’ll be joining mote full time and am super excited to work with educators all over the world to transform learning one voice note at a time!  If you’d like to get involved in the mote community – we’d love to welcome you as a mote certified educator and to apply to the Ambassador Program.  To find out more, please visit this link.

About Jon Neale

You can find me on Twitter – it would be great to connect!

Bio: With more than a decade of experience as classroom teacher and school leader, Jon has helped many educators and schools identify purposeful ways and strategies in which digital tools can be seamlessly utilised to spark curiosity, inspire creativity and transform learning journeys.  Combining pedagogical experience with digital expertise, he supports a vision of successful tech integration that places education firmly at the forefront of all decision making.  In 2020, Jon was named to the UK’s prestigious EdTech50 list.

A Google Certified Innovator and Apple Distinguished Educator, Jon’s engagements outside of his own school include delivering keynotes and workshops at edtech summits across Europe and presenting at both BETT and ISTE on behalf of Google for Education.  In February, he will be joining the team at mote.

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