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Hot Tip: Duplicate the Tab and Collaborate

Google Docs is designed for collaboration. Which means you might be in a lengthy document with other people who are editing the document at the same time. The problem is when the person you are collaborating with asks you to look at what they have contributed to the document and you lose your spot where you are editing to go look at it.

Right Click on the Tab

If you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium you can right click on the tab of your Google Doc and choose to “Duplicate.” This allows you to be the same document in two different places.

Click on Their Icon

In the upper right of the Google Doc you can find a round icon for whoever is collaborating with you on the Google Doc. Clicking on their icon jumps you to the location in the document where their cursor is.

Get Back to Your Spot

The problem with clicking on the collaborator icon is that you lose your place. BEFORE you click on the collaborator icon, duplicate the tab in Chrome so you can simply switch tabs to look at something else in the document without having to scroll back to find where you were working.

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