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Google Classroom: Duplicate the Tab

Be in the same Google Classroom twice. Duplicate the tab.
Duplicate the tab Google Classroom
Google Classroom: Duplicate the Tab
Duplicate the tab in Google Classroom
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View Two of the Same Class

One trick I do in Google Classroom is have at least 2 of the same class in different tabs. Even when I have fast internet it can still be slow for Google Classroom to post assignments or return student work.

Right Click on Tab

If you use Google Chrome right click on the Chrome tab and choose “Duplicate.”

Right click on the chrome tab and choose duplicate.

This allows you to have 2 tabs for the same class at the same time. When I push “Publish” or “Return” and the screen is lagging to load, I simply click over on the other tab and keep working so I don’t have to wait on the internet speed.

Stream and Classwork

By duplicating the Chrome tab and having 2 of the same Google Classroom class at the same time you can have the Stream in one tab and the Classwork tab in the other. Interact with students and create assignments without loading them separately.

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