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Google Classroom: Students Find a List of Their Work

Students can locate a list of their work in Google Classroom by clicking on “View assignments” from on the class tile. However, this only shows upcoming assignments with a due date within the week. To locate assignments without a due date or due outside of the week students should click on the clipboard icon on the tile to open up individual student view. Students can also access this same list from the Classwork page by clicking the “View your work” button at the top.

Classwork Page

The Classwork page in Google Classroom looks different for students than teachers. Where teachers have a “Create” button, students have a “View your work” button. This provide students a progress report of the assignments and their status in the class.

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Assign the View Your Work Button

Create an assignment in Google Classroom where students need to take a screenshot and review their status on assignments. Directing students to specifically click on this button helps students to find their progress report.

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